Mail order form

A mail order form is required with any Gun or Gun Parts purchase for all online and phone orders. This is required by the law. 


1: Standard A catergory Firearms and parts

Use the Mail order on-line form we provided (link below), and deliver it in person once completed. The accepting Police Member will:

• Check that you have supplied sufficient information, otherwise verification will not proceed.

For gun,gun parts and ammunition sales, firearms licence number, first name and surname, and an exact description of the goods are required.

 • Give the completed form to Police Member for them to forward the form to the District Arms Officer for completion and transmission direct to the retailer.


2: Endorsed Firearms

The original Permit to Procure is required for any Endorsed Firearms purchase.

If you have any question of how to purchase a firearm, please Contact Us.

*NB: Only a “Mail Order form” from a Police email address, or the original, certified by the Police District Arms Officer and mailed direct to the seller, will satisfy the Arms Act requirement for the seller to take reasonable steps to ascertain whether you are a holder of a firearms licence, or in the case of an airgun, are of or over the age of 18 years



Mail Order Form


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