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Eemann Tech Target Patches Organizer

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Eemann Tech Target Patches Organizer 

The Eemann Tech Target Patches Organizer is specially made for use with any target patches. 

It protects target patches from dust, humidity, rain, and unrolling, keeping your patches organized.

It fits Eemann Tech Target Patches up to 25mm in diameter and up to 2000pc size patches.

The special clip helps to keep the patches organizer securely on the belt during the competition or training.

With an easy to open simple rotating lock mechanism, it does not require any tools to replace the target patches.

Allows for storage, ejection and dispenses patches from the roll.

Available in two colors - Black or Red

Total inner size 98mm/98mm/28mm
Total outer size 105mm/105mm/35mm (without belt clip and lock)

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